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Chair Massage


Chair massage is a short massage, anywhere from five to 30 minutes, done through the clothing. It typically focuses on key tension areas in the back, neck, shoulders and arms. A professional practitioner performs it in a specially designed ergonomic massage chair.

They were originally referred to by its creator, David Palmer, as "on-site massage" since the massage chairs were portable and were usually brought into a workplace. However, this kind of onsite massage service is now more commonly referred to as simply "chair massage" and sometimes as "seated massage".

The sessions are usually shorter than traditional massage making it very convenient for anyone to fit into their schedule. And because the sessions are shorter, the cost for a chair massage is relatively low. These benefits make chair massage a safe, convenient and affordable. It's no wonder that more people are introduced to massage through chair massage than through any other massage technique.


Muscle Relaxation

One of the leading benefits of chair massage is muscle relaxation. Every day the muscles of your back, shoulders and neck are subjected to stress. Over time this stress can cause the tissues of your body to become stiff and sore. During a chair massage, your therapist uses her hands, elbows or other tools to stretch and place pressure on the affected tissues in order to relieve tension and relax the muscles. As the muscles relax, pain may be relieved as well, especially in the neck and lower back, according to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.


As muscles relax, greater levels of blood reach the muscle tissue, resulting in better circulation. The manipulation of the muscle also helps force blood through the tissue. With increased circulation comes a better flow of oxygen and nutrients into the muscles, as well as a better movement of waste products from the muscles back into the bloodstream, where they can be eliminated from the body.

Fully Clothed

Another benefit of chair massage is that it is done fully clothed. This allows individuals who may be discouraged from a full-body table massage due to self-consciousness about their body being exposed. Chair massage is a way to gain some of the benefits of massage while still wearing all your clothing.

Positive Touch

Chair massage also provides psychological benefits, according to the National Institutes of Health, from positive touch. Chair massage allows those who do not receive regular "good" touching, such as a hug or caring hand on the shoulder, to benefit from the touch of massage, which promotes health and well-being.

Chair Massage