Get Fit and Powerful with POWER Fitness

Your Body is God’s Gift, Take Good Care and Be Proud of Your Body

Dance to some groovy music and burn those calories in a fun way with Aerobics

Aerobics from experts with years of experience


Work for it and Flaunt It


Every Step you Take With Us makes you close to your dream body


Groups Workouts are fun. So train and make some new friends

About Power

Power Health Club, established in 1995, capital city’s First Modern health Club. True pioneers in promoting fitness, bodybuilding, and healthy lifestyle in Trivandrum, Power Health Club is a true favourite amongst all age groups in Trivandrum. Power Fitness and Spa, latest venture of Power Health Club for ladies and gents is the biggest fitness centre in South India where you can reach your fitness goals.

You Wished for it, Here We are and We Will make your wish a Reality.

Why Choose Us

  • Most Spacious Gym in Trivandrum

    12,000 sq.ft Air Conditioned Gym spread across three floors.

  • Modern Equipments

    About 200 imported equipments catering to cardio, fitness and body building. A range you will not find in any other gym in Trivandrum.

  • Well Maintained and Hygenic

    Cleanliness is very important to us and you will find our Fitness Center spotless every day.

  • International Gym and Fitness Facilities

    Our wide variety of weights, machines and equipments helps to hit target muscles at various angles.

  • Certified Trainers

    Years of Experience is needed to be a Fitness Guru, and we are proud to have such certified trainers in our Fitness Center.

  • Shower Facilities

    We understand your busy schedules. Clean Shower Facilities are provided to reward your work in the gym.

  • Sauna and Steam Bath

    All providing a range of health promising a glowing skin and soul.

  • Fun and Friendly Environment for All age Groups

    Working Out is more fun by joining our group workout. Make some new friends, have some fun and attain a great body at the same time.


Cardio Vascular Exercise

Some people refer to Cardiovascular exercise as aerobic exercise, some people even call it 'cardio' for short. All it amounts to is exercises that involve...

Weight Loss/Gain Programme

At Power we strive to inform you of all the major weight loss/gain programs. Every human body reacts uniquely to each programme. We have an...

Body Fitness & Body Building

"True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are united."

Healthy lifestyle begins with the fitness of body...

Personal Training

Using a personal trainer for you to get fit is a great idea. It’s hard to stay motivated, and it’s even more difficult to stay...

Aerobics Studio

Dance and sweat to some groovy music in our Aerobics Studio. Our Aerobics Studion can accomodate 50 people at once with a Cusion Effect Floor....


Wikipedia tells us that ”Yoga refers to traditional physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines”. You may have heard about a lot of Yoga centers but...

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Now offer 12 months Rs: 12,000 only.
Monthly and Semi annually Membership also available.